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Within the Domestic Policy Council, Andrew “Andy" Rotherham was Special Assistant to the President for Education Policy from 1999-2000. Andrew Rotherham's files are organized into three sub-collections consisting of 17 boxes. The digital files for this collection are made available in PDF format.

Education Series
Event Series
Subject Series

Education Series

The Education Series highlights topics relating to class size reduction, test preparation, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, charter schools, the digital divide, distance learning, youth violence in schools, teacher salaries, social promotion, Hispanic education, standardized testing, and after-school programs. The records include reports, draft legislation, memoranda, correspondence to and from organizations and community leaders that focus on education issues, articles, publications, email, and fact sheets relating to the Administration’s progress on education.

For further information concerning this collection see the finding aid. This collection consists of 171 folders in 12 boxes. The collection is available in PDF format.

Folder Titles:

Box 1
[Teaching to Higher Standards: New York's Commitment July 13, 1998] [Report]
[Draft Working Paper - The National Board for Teaching Professional Standards and the Culturally Responsive Pedagogy of African American Teachers]
[United States Department of Education Memo]
[Letter to Tanya Martin from the McGuffey Project]
[Reports on Teachers]
[The Essential Profession] [Publication]
[Comments on Reauthorization of the 1964 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)]
[Statement of Secretary Richard Riley on the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965]
[Elementary and Secondary Education Act Outreach]
[Department of Education 2000 Budget Notes of the Passback] [Report]
[Work-Site Satellite Schools]
[Northwest Bronx Education Committee]
[The Liberty Dollar Bill Act]
[Letter to President Clinton Regarding Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act]
[PR Allocations]
[Draft on the Education Accountability Act of 1999]
[Report on Poverty and Education]
[Education Research Memo]
Budget Fiscal Year 2000 [Report]
[The State of Charter Schools 2000] [Report]
Charters and Religion
Charter - Certification Issue
Charters and Desegregation
Box 2
[Newly Minted Cost and Class Sizes]
[Class Size and Students at Risk] [Report]
[Class Size Reduction Initiative]
[Is Less More? Exploring California's New Class Size Reduction Initiative] [Report]
[What Really Matters in American Education] [Report]
[Project Star Final Executive Summary Report]
[Does Class Size Make a Difference?] [Report]
[Class Size and Public Policy - Politics and Panaceas March 1998] [Report]
[Reducing Class Size in America's Urban Schools October 1999] [Report]
[Memo Regarding Update on Casey Initiative]
[Charter Schools in Action - What Have We Learned?] [Report]
[Class Size Reduction]
[Local Success Stories Reducing Class Size] [Report]
Children's Scholarship Fund
Coalition for Community Schools
Committee for Education Funding for Education Policy
Digital Divide
Box 3
Distance Learning [1]
Distance Learning [2]
Dream Academy
[Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965] [1]
[Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965] [2]
Education Tour
[Agency Memos on Race Related Data] [1]
[Agency Memos on Race Related Data] [2]
[Access and Opportunity for Disadvantaged Students Options]
[Memo - Proposed Messages and Agenda for November 9 Advisory Board Meeting]
[Meeting List of Attendees March 25, 1998]
[Diversity Papers]
[Memo - Proposals Related to Higher Education and the Race Initiative]
Box 4
[Statistical Record of Native North Americans] [Report]
Educator Meetings WH
Faith-Based Initiatives in Fiscal Year-1
Fatherhood Initiative
Higher Education Affordability
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF)
National Education Summit 1999
National Research Council
National Testing
National Urban League
New American High Schools
North American Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)
Polling on Parents
Religious Guidelines
Box 5
Risk Assessment - CIS [Communities in Schools]
School Leadership
School Safety/Youth Violence [1]
School Safety/Youth Violence [2]
School Safety/Youth Violence [3]
Single-Sex Education
Sherpa Guidance
Small Schools
Social Promotion
Box 6
Special Education
STAR Schools
State of the Union
State of the Union Process Documents [1]
State of the Union Process Documents [2]
Summit in the Palisades
Teacher Education
Alternative Licensing
Merit Pay
Teacher Evaluations
Teacher Recruitment
Technology Benefits
Teen Conference
Box 7
United States Department of Education Testing Guidance
Title I
[Hispanic Students] [1]
[Hispanic Students] [2]
Hispanic Conference 5/20-5/25
[Putting the Cart before the Horse - Latinos and Higher Education] [Report]
[White House Conference on Hispanic Education]
Conference [1]
Conference [2]
Box 8
Conference [3]
HSS [Hispanic Strategy Session] Panelists
Script (HSS) [Hispanic Strategy Session]
Press Paper (HSS) [Hispanic Strategy Session]
[Key Indicators of Hispanic Student Achievement] [Report]
Goal 4
Hispanic Strategy Session Goals/Agenda
HSS [Hispanic Strategy Session] Background Reading
HSS [Hispanic Strategy Session] Invitation
Hispanic Education Data for Goals 4 and 5
HSS [Hispanic Strategy Session] Deliverables
Hispanic Higher Education Goal
Box 9
[Education Reform]
Universal After-School
School Leadership Fiscal Year 2001
Rewards/NAEP [National Assessment of Educational Progress]
Test Prep Companies/Programs
Teacher Quality Awards Fiscal Year 2001
Fiscal Year 2001 Distance Initiative
ESL [English as a Second Language]/Tech Initiative
Test Prep
Accountability Fund Guidance
FHA [Federal Housing Administration]
Dream Academy
Possible Sites for Events
Failing Schools/Turnaround
High Performing, High Poverty Schools
Possible Education Events
8/23 Event/Rush Holt
MGIB [Montgomery GI Bill]
Box 10
Teacher Housing Initiatives
Teacher Housing Initiatives: California/Title I
Teacher Housing Initiatives: Affordable Housing for Teachers
Teacher Housing Initiatives: Agriculture Rural Housing Programs
Teacher Housing Initiatives: Teacher Next Door
ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Act] - President
Lieberman's Education Bill
Elementary and Secondary Education Act House Documents
Senate ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Act]
Teacher Recruitment
Fixing Failing Schools Report
House and Senate Education Appropriations Fiscal Year 2000
Box 11
Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Initiatives
SAPs [Statement of Administration Policies]/Letters to the Hill
Fiscal Year 2001 House Education Appropriations
Fiscal Year 2001 Budget/Legislation Final Comps
Top Priorities for 2001
Fiscal Year 2001 Senate Appropriations
The Message/2000 Budget
[Eastgate Elementary School]
[Hispanic Education Strategy Session]
[Public Education Reinvestment, Reinvention, and Responsibility Act]
OCR [Office for Civil Rights] Charter Q & A's
AP [Advanced Placement] Information
America Reads
[Testimony of Judith Johnson October 28, 1999]
[Testimony of Michael Cohen February 10, 2000]
Arts and After-School
After-School Corporation
Box 12
San Francisco After-School Site
After-School Examples
[21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Application for Grants]
[An Ongoing Look at Afterschool Programs] [Report]
[21st Century Community Learning Centers - Soaring Beyond Expectations] [Report]
[After-School Programs]
[Fight Crime Invest in Kids]

Event Series

The Event Series includes records relating to education events and the corresponding background materials. The records include reports, memoranda, email, congressional correspondence, press releases, and speech drafts.

For further information see the collection's finding aid. This collection contains 20 folders contained in 3 boxes. The collection is made available in PDF format. 

Folder Titles: 

Box 13
National College Week
POTUS - New Markets Trip
Baby Boom Echo Event
Charter Grants Announcement
National events Goals Panel
NBPTS [National Board for Professional Teaching Standards] - Events
Class-Size Event September 7th
Blue Ribbons Schools Event
New Orleans Event
Box 14
National events Summit
[White House Initiative on events Excellence for Hispanic Americans 1998] [Report]
White House Initiative on Hispanics [1]
White House Initiative on Hispanics [2]
White House Initiative on Hispanics: [Hispanic events National Meeting]
White House Initiative on Hispanics: HEAP [Hispanic events Action Plan] [1]
White House Initiative on Hispanics: HEAP [Hispanic events Action Plan] [2]
ESEA [Elementary and Secondary events Act] - Hill Side
[Representative Charles Rangel]
Box 15
Hill Letters
[Draft Legislation]

Subject Series

The Subject Series highlights records on education issues relating to funding for IDEA [Individuals with Disabilities Education Act], failing schools, youth violence, Equity 2000, educator awards, litigation, and legislation. The records include reports, memoranda, email, articles on various education topics, publications, handwritten notes, and correspondence from school district leaders nation

For further information concerning this collection see the finding aid. This collection consists of 28 folders in 2 boxes. The collection is available in PDF format.

Folder Titles:

Box 16
Articles 1999-2000 [1]
Articles 1999-2000 [2]
Baron Hill
Bruce Reed Notes/Letters
Budget Appropriations Fiscal Year 2001
Chief of Staff
Email Correspondence
[The Equity 2000 Evaluation - Impact and Implementation] [Report]
Executive Order Failing Schools
Florida New Democrat Network Trip
Increased IDEA [Individuals with Disabilities Education Act] Funding Good for Kids
Memo to Bruce Reed
Migrant Education
The Opportunity We Deserve [Report]
Box 17
Orange County Special Education
Philadelphia After-School
POTUS Notes [1]
POTUS Notes [2]
POTUS Statements
State Stuff
TFA [Teach for America]
Tony Podesta Teacher Idea

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