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"Fighting Back in Illinois" article from The Collaborator

Fighting Back in Illinois

This article is part of a 2000 edition of a publication called The Collaborator, which was sponsored by the National Center for Strategic Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership. It discusses Illinois’ child support system and attempts by the state legislature to reform it, interviewing a then little-known state senator named "Barak Obama." It is part of a variety of materials dealing with policy measures involving the subject of fatherhood, from the working papers of Domestic Policy Council staffer Julie Bosland.

Julie Bosland's collection contains 26 boxes of materials. This article is found in box 7, folder title, "Fatherhood -- General [4]." The finding aid for this collection is available online. This collection covers topics relating to child support, welfare, fatherhood programs, working families, philanthropy and nonprofit organizations, Second Chance homes, teen pregnancy, the Charitable Choice program, and tobacco.

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