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Speechwriters wrote on essentially every topic, issue, and event during President Clinton's time in the White House. Speechwriters worked on both foreign and domestic issues and wrote speeches for President Clinton, the First Lady, as well as White House staff.

Speechwriting files often portray the making of White House policy and include memoranda, correspondence, many drafts, and background material on the topic at hand. 

Full text of all of President Clinton's speeches, remarks, and transmittals are available via the Government Printing Office's website, within the publication, "Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States."

Below find links to speechwriting staff's digitized collections. 

Robert Boorstin National Security Council Speechwriter
Topics in this collection include: federal budgets, the economy, Secretary of State Christopher Warren, immigration, human rights, terrorism, President Clinton's travel, State of the Union addresses, Summit of the Americas, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the United Nations, and many more.
Contains 961 folders, in 34 boxes.

Paul Orzulak National Security Council Speechwriter
Topics in this collection include: normal trade relations with China; the United States Coast Guard Academy, computer technology in India, scientific research and the European Union, Kosovo, and many more.
Contains 82 folders in 7 boxes.

Thomas Rosshirt National Security Council Speechwriter
Topics in this collection include: President’s trip to Vietnam, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Medal of Honor, the Roosevelt Medal of Honor, remarks to the Israeli Policy Forum, and many more.
Contains 51 folders in 5 boxes.

Jeff Shesol Speechwriter
Topics in this collection include: child care, health care, federal budgets, State of the Union addresses, Y2K, foreign trade, guns, the White House Correspondence Dinner, and many more.
Contains 340 folders, in 26 boxes.

Photo Credit: President Clinton is briefed in the Map Room by advisors regarding his videotaped remarks to the Colombian people, August 24, 2000.

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