Confronting Conflicts, Making Peace

 “There is only one crucial division among the peoples of the Earth. It is the line between those who embrace the common humanity we all share and those who reject it.”

– President Clinton, March 25, 1998

Clinton speaks to a crowdThroughout his presidency, President Clinton seized opportunities to assist countries around the world in sorting through conflicts, as well as protecting those faced with oppression.
President Clinton committed himself to achieving peace in the Middle East. While this was not accomplished during his administration, tremendous strides were made. Additionally, he worked very hard on ending the conflict in Northern Ireland between the Irish Republican Army and the government of the United Kingdom, ultimately finding success in the Good Friday Accords of April 10, 1998, ending the decades-long conflict.

Northern Ireland peace process chess setThis area of the permanent exhibit provides an overview of Clinton Administration foreign policy in regards to conflicts around the world through photographs, text, and various objects from around the world, including commemorative awards and a letter from Bono of U2.

Highlighted Object from the Exhibit: Northern Ireland peace process chess set.