The Early Years

Third Floor baby bracelet 1-1 optThis area of the permanent exhibit covers the lives of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton prior to the Clinton Presidency. Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III on August 19, 1946, a few months after his father was killed in a car accident.

The first exhibit case is devoted to his childhood in Hope and Hot Springs. The second case covers Bill Clinton’s education, from his years at Hot Springs High School to his college years at Georgetown and Oxford Universities. The third case highlights Bill Clinton’s political career in Arkansas, moving from his unsuccessful run for Congress in 1974 to his years as Attorney General and Governor. The final case in this area focuses on Hillary Rodham Clinton, from her childhood in Illinois, to her education at Wellesley College and Yale, to her time as First Lady of Arkansas.

The four exhibit cases tell the story of the Clintons using photos, memorabilia from the Clintons’ childhoods and school days, letters, newspaper clippings, and political campaign memorabilia.