Learning Across a Lifetime

“We must expand the frontiers of learning across a lifetime.  All our people, of whatever age, must have the chance to learn new skills.”

–President Clinton, State of the Union Address, February 4, 1997

Bill reads to a classroomBelieving that America’s prosperity depended on its people having the skills to compete in the emerging information-based economy, President Clinton worked to improve educational opportunities for people at every stage of life.  Programs such as Healthy Start, Head Start, America Reads, and the 21st Century Community Learning initiative expanded access to pre-natal care, pre-school, tutoring, after school programs, and summer school.  President Clinton called for higher standards, hired more teachers, wired schools to the Internet, and supported the creation of charter schools.  He increased federal college aid in the form of grants, work-study programs, tax credits, scholarships, and lower student loans.  Adults who were already in the workforce gained easier access to training and employment assistance through government education and employment programs.Education 21 Award
This area of the permanent exhibit provides an overview of Clinton administration education initiatives through text, photographs, and video supplemented by various objects, including children’s drawings and letters to the President and a display of the President’s favorite books.

Highlighted Object from the Exhibit: Award given to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton by Education 21 in Troy, NY on July 15, 1998