Presidential Limousine and Secret Service

middle limousine image

In 1993, three Cadillac Fleet wood limousines were built in Warren, Michigan for the day to day travel needs of the President. The project to build the vehicles took three years to complete and each was outfitted with state of the art protection and communication systems that allowed for communication anywhere in the world. The limousine has seating for six in the back, with three forward seats and three backwards facing seats.  One of the limousines is on display in the museum lobby.

The Secret Service was created as a part of the Department of the Treasury on July 5, 1865 to investigate the counterfeiting of United Presidential Limousine exhibitStates money. After the assassination of William McKinley in 1901, Congress added the protection of the president to the Secret Service as a responsibility in 1902. Since Theodore Roosevelt, the Secret Service has protected the President, Vice-President and their families. Additionally, the president-elect, vice president-elect and their families, visiting heads of state, major presidential candidates, and others at the direction of the president are also authorized to be protected by the Secret Service. In 1965, Congress extended protection for former presidents and their spouses for the rest of their life following their presidency. In 1997, that was reduced to the ten years following their presidency, although President Obama again extended lifetime protection in early 2013. The Secret Service is now a part of the Department of Homeland Security.