Protecting The Earth

“As we begin the new millennium, let our gift to the future be a new effort, together across party lines, to clean our air, to ensure safe water, and to preserve healthy, thriving lands.”

–President Clinton, October 30, 1999

In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt used the newly passed Antiquities Act to create the first national monuments in the country, Devil’s Tower and Grand Canyon National Monument. Roosevelt urged
Protecting the Earththat the United States take a “long look ahead,” at protecting the nation’s environment.  President Clinton took up that charge and made protecting the environment a top priority of the administration.

During the 1990s, President Clinton protected more land than any previous president.  In addition to the expansion and creation of national monuments, the Clinton Administration pushed for the strongest air and drinking water quality protections in history.  The Clinton Administration also took on global warming in numerous ways, including the Clean Car Initiative, with the goal to “develop affordable, attractive cars that are up to 3 times more fuel efficient than today’s cars—3 times—and meet strict standards for urban air pollution, safety, performance, and comfort.” From President Clinton’s Remarks Announcing the Clean Car Initiative September 29, 1993.

This area of the permanent exhibit describes Clinton Administration environmental policy through photographs, video, text, and archival papers from the Clinton Library’s collection.