Presidential Timeline

“Each of us must hold high the torch of citizenship in our own lives. None of us can finish the race alone. We can only achieve our destiny together—one hand, one generation, one American connecting to another.”

–President Clinton, January 23, 1996

The Timeline exhibitThe timeline is one of the centerpieces of the permanent exhibits at the Clinton Presidential Library. It is divided into the separate years of the Clinton presidency, each year displays pictures and text about some of the most influential events that took place during that year.

Additionally, the timeline contains the daily schedule of the nearly 3,000 days that President Clinton held office. Visitors are encouraged to look through these daily schedules to gain an impression of what the day to day life of the President is like.

The Presidential TimelineOn the opposite side of the timeline, visitors can use touchscreens to view the daily schedules as well as correspondence sent to President Clinton during his time in office, including letters from Tony Danza and Whoopi Goldberg are also on display.