Xtreme BUGS

Dates: April 22, 2017 – July 23, 2017

Enveloped in the larger-than-life landscape of Xtreme BUGS, you will be transported into a vivid, dynamic and awe-inspiring new environment. Surrounded by giant, larger-than-life animatronic insects, this up-close look at the bizarre physical characteristics of bugs and the science behind their mind-boggling behaviors will inspire, surprise and educate guests of all ages.

Xtreme BUGS taps into the natural visceral discomfort many of us experience when we think about bugs. These tiny creatures have an amazing ability to make us squirm – our skin crawls and a sense of foreboding arises. Guests are invited to walk through the lens of a bug’s eye and shift their perspective from “ew” to “awe”about the fascinating little creatures that share our ecosystem.

By exploring why bugs look and behave as they do, Xtreme BUGS offers a new way of seeing the tiny creatures we often consider pests. Bugs have a critical role to play in our environments. Bees pollinate more than a third of all crops for human consumption. Spiders provide some of the best pest control for the common household. By sending you into an environment where the bugs are larger than you are, the experience invites fresh perspectives. The exaggerated size of each animatronic model offers an up-close look at the bizarre structures, features and physical characteristics of these (usually) tiny creatures. Not only are the bugs larger-than-life, so are their naturalistic settings. You’ll truly experience how the world would appear from a bug’s eye view.