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Current Temporary Exhibit

The last day to view the White House Collection of America Crafts exhibit is Sunday March 31st.

The White House Collection of American Crafts was commissioned by First Lady Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton in 1993 as part of the “Year of American Craft: A Celebration of the Creative Work of the Hand.” The collection includes 73 works of glass, metal, ceramic, fiber, and wood, … (read more…)

Archived White House Websites

First Archived White House Website“The first White House Web Site was developed in 1994, during the Clinton Administration. The then White House took snap shots of each version. These versions are historical materials, frozen in time, which means that they are no longer updated and links to other sites will not work. Some images were not provided to the National Archives and Records Administration and may appear as broken images or links.”

View the “Clinton White House Archived Websites” Collection here.

News and Events

The last day to view “White House, Green Building” exhibit and tour the tiny house is March 24, 2019. Once the exhibit closes, the tiny house will be moved to a new location. If you want to make it yours, there will be an auction on March 21. For more information, click here. … (read more…)

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