William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Highlights from the Archive

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Current Exhibit

Our two temporary exhibits, Art of Africa: One Continent, Limitless Vision, August 26, 2017 – February 19, 2018 and Mandela: The Journey to Ubuntu, September 24, 2017 – February 19, 2018, complement each other to celebrate the rich cultural history of Africa.

Archived White House Websites

First Archived White House Website“The first White House Web Site was developed in 1994, during the Clinton Administration. The then White House took snap shots of each version. These versions are historical materials, frozen in time, which means that they are no longer updated and links to other sites will not work. Some images were not provided to the National Archives and Records Administration and may appear as broken images or links.”

View the “Clinton White House Archived Websites” Collection here.

News and Events

Fusion: Arts + Humanities is an educational program designed to enrich the teaching of our state’s heritage and culture and celebrate our human achievement through programs in history, literature, philosophy, civics, and other disciplines. To achieve these goals, the Clinton Presidential Center will convene cultural institutions, historians, and community organizations to plan and execute an … (read more…)

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See What Our Visitors are Saying

“Fabulous Experience!”

This impressive facility will keep you busy for hours (regardless of your political leanings), and does not attempt to gloss over any of the more embarrassing moments of his Presidency any more than glorifying his many accomplishments.

​John S, October 2016 via TripAdvisor.com

“Great chapter in history”

Wonderfully curated and very interesting the multimedia presentations allow visitors to go as deep as they want. I loved seeing the President’s daily calendar as well as all the history. Very easy to navigate.

Alicedc, September 2016​ via TripAdvisor.com

“Impressive & memorable”

The building itself is very impressive, LEED certified, and an appropriate setting for artifacts from one of the more momentous eras in our history… For presidential documentarians and history fanatics, the WJC Library is a must.

Writerby, July 2016 via TripAdvisor.com​​

“This museum is a must see!”

Regardless of your politics you will enjoy this museum. We visit a lot of museums every year as we travel and I can say that this is one of the best! We have been to several presidential museums and this one is so very detailed and very different.

Oniedu, September 2016 via TripAdvisor.com