The Clinton Presidential Library offers a variety of in-person and virtual educational experiences for elementary, middle, and high school classes for 10 or more students in the same grade. In addition, the library provides in-person and virtual professional development workshops for educators. All programs for students and teachers are free.

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Educational Programs

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Voting Rights, the Constitution, & Representative Government
Virtual Educational Program
30 - 60 minutes

Using the Constitution, constitutional amendments, and legislation, students will explore the progression of voting rights in the United States and its impact on representative government. Additional primary source documents from the National Archives, including photographs and political cartoons, will enhance student understanding of the ways in which contemporary events and public civic engagement influence their lives today.

The Bill of Rights Protects You
Virtual Educational Program
40 - 60 minutes

In this interactive program, students will explore the Bill of Rights and how it outlines both limits on government and the rights of the people. We will work together to analyze three case studies that underscore the remedies that citizens can use to address instances where their rights have been violated. This program will introduce students to the Bill of Rights and strengthen their civic understanding.

Student Presidential Tour
In-person (60 minutes) and Virtual (30 minutes) Educational Program

This signature program inspires students to learn more about the life and legacy of the 42nd President of the United States by introducing them to the important issues and policies addressed by the Clinton Administration. 

Sixth Grade Student Presidential Tour Curriculum Connections
Seventh Grade Student Presidential Tour Frameworks
Eighth Grade Student Presidential Tour Frameworks

Historic Diplomacy
In-Person Educational Program
30 Minutes

Over the course of American history, the president has been responsible for developing and maintaining our nation’s diplomatic ties to other countries. One way presidents do that is by inviting foreign leaders to the White House for state visits. The tour will explore the interactions between President Clinton and leaders from foreign countries visiting the White House. Students will then consider the historic and current diplomatic relationships between the United States and foreign nations represented in the exhibition.

This tour is for the "Be Our Guest" exhibition, which explores some of the memorable diplomatic visits hosted by President Bill Clinton and then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.

President Clinton Makes Phone Calls